Online Crime Report

The Santa Monica Police Department accepts reports online for the following types of incidents only:

  • Graffiti (spray painting, writing, or drawing on a building, wall, fence, etc.)
  • All other Vandalism (defaced or damaged property - example: a vehicle tire being slashed)
  • Lost Property (property that is missing - example: an item left behind in a restaurant, or something falling out of a pocket/purse)
  • Theft of a Bicycle. The value of the bicycle must be below $950 and the bicycle must not have been in a garage or carport

And, only under the following conditions:

  • The suspect was not seen or cannot be described
  • There is no physical evidence to be examined or collected such as fingerprints or DNA
  • The incident occurred within the city limits of Santa Monica

After completing the report, a report number will be provided and the report will be forwarded for review.

If the report requires further information, a Community Service Officer will attempt to contact the reporting party to discuss other options for completing a report.

If the report can be accepted, and if the report includes an e-mail address for the reporting party, a copy of the report will be automatically e-mailed within approximately 3 business days.

Otherwise, information on how to obtain a report may be found here.

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