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    Alarm System Registration

    On July 9, 2013, the Santa Monica City Council adopted the Santa Monica Municipal Code 3.56.030 "Alarm Registration," adding to Chapter 3.56 Regulation of Alarm Systems; False Alarms, requiring any person owning or operating an audible alarm system to register such alarm system with the Santa Monica Police Department and pay a required registration fee. 

    During the registration process, the Santa Monica Police Department may require that a registrant provide information to the City to protect public safety and aid response efforts, including but not limited to, information about residents that are elderly or disabled, firearms at the property, potentially hazardous material/chemicals, and animals that require special handling.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I have to register my alarm?

    Registration of an alarm system is required of any person owning or operating a system in the City of Santa Monica in accordance with Santa Monica Municipal Code, Section 3.56.030. The information you provide upon registration will allow us to better assist you in our response efforts during an emergency.

    How do I register my alarm?

    Please visit and follow the directions provided. 

    What will happen if I choose not to register my alarm system?

    Since this is a new process, the City of Santa Monica does not have a penalty for not registering your alarm system; however if a false alarm occurs and your alarm is not registered you will be subject to a false alarm fine.  A letter will be sent to you as a reminder along with an invoice.

    Is there a cost associated with registration?

    Please visit Under keyword type Alarm Registration for current fee amount.  Registration must be renewed every year. 

    If I have any questions, whom do I contact?

    Please contact the Santa Monica Police Department Alarm Registration Desk at (866) 770-0928

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