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    Animal Control Section

    The Santa Monica Animal Control Section is dedicated to providing outstanding care for animals in Santa Monica. We are a dedicated progressive animal shelter that continually strives to strengthen the welfare of animals by promoting humane care and treatment. Each year, we help lost, abandoned, and homeless animals find a nurturing forever home.

    Facility Overview

    The Santa Monica Animal Shelter is operated by dedicated staff that together provides field services for the City of Santa Monica, seven days a week. The shelter is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. We house dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, and smaller reptiles. CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO COVID-19. Our staff supports Santa Monica residents with the following services:

    • Pet Adoptions
    • Investigation of complaints regarding animals
    • Respond to calls for service
    • Monitor the City's public dog parks to ensure rules and regulations are observed
    • Conduct humane investigations when animal cruelty is suspected
    • Enforce all state and local animal control laws
    • Provide shelter for animals during natural disasters
    • Conduct animal licensing (canvassing) inspections
    • Pet Reunification

    Animal control officers are available during daytime operations hours.  If you require service for emergencies involving injured animals or aggressive animals running at large that may cause or attempt to cause an injury, you may contact SMPD non-emergency at 310-458-8491, for assistance. 


    Adoption Services

    If you are considering a pet adoption, think Santa Monica Animal Shelter. Most of our animals are either strays or pets turned in by owners who are no longer able to care for them.  If you adopt from us, not only do you benefit from the satisfaction of providing a shelter for animals in need, but you also benefit from:

    • Low-cost spaying/neutering
    • Access to pet veterinary medical records
    • Pet vaccinations

    We have partnered with our friends at Pet Harbor to help you adopt a new animal companion, find a lost pet, or re-unite with a lost pet we have found.  Visit to learn more about the animals in our care.  

    Dog Licensing

    The Santa Monica Animal Shelter processes dog licensing for Santa Monica residents and Airport Park permits for non-Santa Monica residents. Pet owners can register their dog in-person during normal shelter business hours.  

    Online licensing is for Santa Monica Residents Only.  Please contact the Animal Shelter if you are a non-resident and wish to purchase a permit for the Airport Park.

    Online dog licensing

    Online licensing requires that residents show proof of residency and a photo ID, driver's license, or passport in addition to providing their pets rabies, proof of sterility. For non-residents, proof that dog is licensed in their city is required.

    Note: Licenses purchased online are valid for the calendar year purchased. Your dog's license will expire on  12/31/2020.




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