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    Information Sought on Victims of Scams Targeting Elders

    December 19, 2013
    Contact: Jay Moroso, Sergeant
    Phone: 310.458.2293

    The Santa Monica Police Department is currently investigating several reports in which senior citizens have been targeted as victims of an elder abuse scam.  The scams involve one or two suspects who stage a minor traffic accident in a store parking lot involving the suspect's vehicle and the victim's vehicle. The suspect(s) approach the victims as they are leaving the lot and claim the victim hit their car. They demand money from the victim; claiming the damage is less than their insurance deductible. Police have noted that the suspects sometimes work alone or in pairs.  The suspects are described as a male and female in their 40s and have used a red 4-door vehicle to stage their accidents. 

    The Santa Monica Police Department is trying to locate any additional victims who gave the suspects money but did not report the incident to Law Enforcement.   If you are a victim of this crime or have any information regarding these crimes please contact Detective Dean Hodges of the Santa Monica Police Department at (310) 458-8928; he may also be reached at

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