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    Neighborhood Nuisances - Noise Disturbance

    State penal code 415(2) prohibits any person from “maliciously and willfully” disturbing another with loud and unreasonable noise. To report an acute disturbance that will not subside, call the Police Department at 310-458-8491. You may request the handling officer to contact you to inform you of the outcome of your complaint. Normally, the officer will advise the offending party to cease the disturbance, such as in the case of a loud party.

    For ongoing disturbances which cannot be mitigated through diplomacy, you may consider filing an official police report for disturbing the peace, a criminal misdemeanor. You can advise the Police Department of your specific intent to do so and assist the officer by providing documentation as to prior efforts made to resolve the problem. By filing a report, you must be willing, if necessary, to proceed with a private person’s arrest and testify in court against the offender.


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