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    Bomb Threats

    There are three types of potential bomb threats any of us could encounter:

    • A telephonic or electronically communicated bomb threat
    • A letter or package mailed or delivered to you with a potential bomb
    • A package or other object placed at or near your location containing a potential bomb (this may include an abandoned vehicle in which the bomb was placed)

    The first line of a good defense is to be prepared for an explosives-related threat. Reviewing your business’s physical security plan, including a bomb incident plan, can help reduce the potential for physical injury and property damage. Proper planning can also instill confidence and reduce the level of panic in personnel. As a general rule, do not accept packages from strangers.

    If a bomb threat has been made, do not touch suspicious packages. Notify your local law enforcement agency immediately. If located in Santa Monica, call 911.

    How to Handle a Bomb Threat Call
    What to do After the Threat


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