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    Earthquake Safety

    Before an Earthquake
    Talk to your family and make a plan. Your plan should include a designated meeting place for family members to reunite after an earthquake, duties of each family member, and instructions for first aid and turning off gas, water and electricity. In addition, prepare a 72-hour kit that is easily accessible.

    Items for 72-Hour Kit

    During an Earthquake
    1. Stay calm!
    2. If you are inside, stay inside. Seek cover under a doorway, table or desk. Stay away from windows and falling objects.
    3. If you are outside, stay in an open area away from buildings, trees, telephone and electric poles and wires.

    After an Earthquake
    1. Wear sturdy shoes to prevent cuts from broken glass and debris.
    2. Check for injuries.
    3. Turn on the radio and listen for emergency information.
    4. Turn off utilities, if necessary
    5. Clean up dangerous spills
    6. Inspect your home for damages to electrical, water, and gas lines.

    For more information, call the Community Relations Unit at 310-458-8474.


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