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    Pocket Bikes

    Mini-motorcycles, or “pocket bikes” are becoming increasingly popular with young adults in our community. You may have recently seen someone riding one down your street, but are they legal to ride? Are they safe?

    These bikes are classified as motorcycles. However, most are not manufactured to comply with the laws that allow them to be used safely on public roadways. They also cannot be registered as a legal motor vehicle. Accordingly, the locations where they may be legally ridden are very limited. Most retailers don’t share this information with you, but that’s no excuse for being uninformed.

    Important things to know – these rules pertain to both electric and gasoline powered mini-motorcycles:
    · It is illegal for anyone to ride a mini-motorcycle on public property, (e.g. residential streets, sidewalks, parks, parking lots open to the public, etc)
    · Mini-motorcycles may be ridden on private property, but only with the owner’s permission
    · Anyone riding a mini-motorcycle on a public street or other public place may be issued a citation, and the mini-motorcycle may be impounded

    For additional information on regulations for mini-motorcycles, please contact the Traffic Division at 310-458-8993.


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