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    Picking a Safe Place to Live

    Are you considering moving and want to know about the crime in a particular area? Some house and apartment seekers erroneously conclude that areas with higher property values and higher rents have less crime. Don’t assume that well-groomed and well-kept neighborhoods have less crime than ones that are a little “worn around the edges.” Criminals may actually prefer “nicer” more affluent neighborhoods.

    Everyone wants to live where it’s safe, but “safe” implies being free of crime. No area is totally crime-free, even in so-called “sleepy” neighborhoods. And even if you could magically protect your neighborhood from all crime, what about the times you’d be outside its protected confines? Consider that a lot of crime occurs in non-residential areas where you’re likely to spend a considerable amount of your time: near supermarkets, drug stores, shopping malls, post offices, and banks. Keep this point in mind, if crime is a major consideration, in choosing a community in which to live.

    See the section below for questions to consider in evaluating the crime potential in a particular neighborhood or of a house or apartment.

    Questions to Consider


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