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    For all the convenience that the telephone brings, many have experienced the aggravation and annoyance of harassing phone calls. The following are some general guidelines for reducing this type of nuisance:

    · Do not admit to a stranger that you are alone. Also, instruct your children, when alone, to say that Mom or Dad is busy and to ask the caller to leave a message or call back.
    · Consider having an unlisted telephone number. Avoid giving out your home phone number to strangers.
    · If you are asked for your phone number on a check or credit card transaction, furnish a work phone instead of your home number. Also, if your personal checks are imprinted with your home phone, request that this be removed when reordering a new supply.
    · If you must be listed in the telephone directory, ask that your address and first name be removed. Your first initial and last name should be sufficient.


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