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    Con Games

    Every year unsuspecting citizens are swindled out of their savings by con artists; smooth talking, often convincing criminals who seek by various schemes to separate honest people from their money.

    While these criminals prey primarily on the elderly, every one of us is susceptible; men and women, the successful and the unemployed, working people and the retired. You could be approached by a con artist almost anywhere (outside a bank or savings and loan, at a bus stop, at a Senior Citizens’ meeting, while you’re shopping, or at your home).

    While approaches may vary, con artists tend to appear perfectly normal and friendly. However, there inevitably comes a time when a scheme will involve you being asked to withdraw money from your savings account. So be on your guard for this type of scam so that you are not victimized. Learn more about existing scams and how to prevent them in the sections below.

    Three Common “Bunco” Schemes
    Avoid Being Victimized


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