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    Identity Theft

    Victims of identity theft must act quickly to minimize damage. It is very important to keep good notes of all conversations and records of all correspondence with your financial institutions and law enforcement agencies, including a log of the names, dates and phone number of persons you contacted. You should also confirm the information in writing. Sending your letters by certified mail, return receipt requested, will provide you with a record or your correspondence. The links below will give you guidance on how report various identity crimes. You may also contact the SMPD Office of Criminal Investigations at 310-458-8451 for more information.


    *This information is provided to assist individuals who are victims or suspect they may be victims of identity theft. The information is intended as a general guide only, not as legal advice.


    Report to Credit Bureaus
    Report Stolen Checks
    Report Stolen ATM & Calling Cards
    Contact Creditors
    Obtain Credit Report
    Contest Bills
    Access Account Information
    False Criminal Judgments
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