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    Identity Theft - Access Account Information

    If a loan, credit or utility service account has been opened fraudulently in your name, you can now obtain a copy of the application used and a record of transactions or charges associated with that account. The information you learn may be useful in determining what personally identifying information was stolen, help clear your good name and credit, and even lead to the identity of the thief.

    The following is a checklist for accessing account information under California Penal code section 530.8

    • File a Police Report that you believe you are a victim of identity theft, and retain a copy of the report.
    • Fill out the request forms provided by the law enforcement agency
    • Fill out the Identity Theft Affidavit
    • Send completed package (Info Request/ID Theft Affidavit/Police Report) to each creditor where the thief opened an account using your stolen identity.
    • Provide account information you receive to the police officer investigating your identity theft case.

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