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    Identity Theft - Report Stolen ATM & Calling Cards

    Report stolen ATM cards and change passwords immediately, as you may be liable if fraud is not reported quickly. Get a new ATM card, account number and password as soon as possible. When creating a password, don’t use common numbers like the last four digits of your SSN or birth date, and make sure to monitor your account statements for further suspicious activity.


    File a Police Report with local police or the police department where identity theft occurred. You should also get a copy of the police report and retain for your records, since credit card companies and financial institutions may require you to show a copy of this report to verify the crime. Keep the phone number of your investigator and provide it to creditors and others who require verification of your case.

    For suspected misuse of long distance calling card accounts, you should also cancel the account as soon as possible. After cancelling the account, open a new one, and provide a password that must be used any time the account is changed.


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