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    Safe Handling of Firearms and Ammunition

    If you keep a firearm in your home for self-protection or sporting purposes, the Santa Monica Police Department urges you, the gun owner, to incorporate the following “safety” guidelines immediately.

    1. Upon leaving your residence, always unload your gun!
    2. Lock the weapon in a secured storage area, such as a gun safe, lockable storage cabinet, or other safe place that is also out reach of children.
    3. Store your bullets or any other type of ammunition in a separate place that is also lockable.
    4. If you do not have a safe or other secured area, utilize a trigger lock, which will prevent the gun from accidentally discharging.
    5. Remember to hide the keys to the to the gun cabinet and/or trigger lock in a different area from where you normally keep your house keys.
    6. Memorize your gun safe’s lock combination and do not disclose it to anyone who should not have access to your safe.
     To dispose of any unwanted firearms and/or ammunition, you may turn them in to the police department.  Please follow these important safety instructions:
    1. Make sure your firearm(s) are unloaded.
    2. Preferably, lock your firearm(s) in a secure container.
    3. Ammunition can be placed in a box or specified ammo can.
    4. Upon transport, lock the firearm(s) in the trunk of your car and store the ammunition in either the glove box and/or the interior compartment area.
    5. Drive straight to the police department.  Do not stop anywhere else.
    6. Upon arrival, make contact by calling 310-458-8491. Tell the officer in charge that you want to turn in your firearm(s) and/or ammunition.  If you do not have a cell phone, lock your car and go inside and ask for instructions.  
    7. Once your firearm(s) and/or ammunition have been turned over, a receipt will be issued to you for documentation purposes.

    If you should ever encounter any type of military ordinance and/or explosives such as grenades, pipe bombs, sticks of dynamite, or containers of gun powder – DO NOT TOUCH!  None of these types of munitions should be considered safe regardless of size or packaging.

    Contact the police department immediately by calling 9-1-1. 

    Let the police assess the situation to see if this is a job for the bomb squad.

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