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    Customer Service

    In 2008 the Santa Monica Police Department developed a Quality Customer Service Model intended to revolutionize the existing culture of law enforcement. Our model focuses on creating an environment in which each individual can expect a level of service that continually exceeds his/her expectations. Designed to address the specific needs of both staff and constituents, this new approach applies the seven “Keys to Quality Customer Service”. 

    The first component, and foundation of the model, is the Customer Service Mission: We create a quality law enforcement environment by providing safety, service, and support for everyone. The other six keys include:

    • Identifying customer wants and needs
    • Setting service standards
    • Creating the right service environment
    • Providing service via the proper delivery systems
    • Awareness of stereotypes
    • A defined set of qualities

    Encapsulated in our tag line, “Safety First, Service Always”, the Santa Monica Police Department customer service model is our commitment to you. It is an overall approach to the way we conduct business and represent ourselves in every function of the organization. 


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